High school students take part in Robotics Competition during the Career Open/Math Contest Day held on May 25, 2024
The best performing students in the Robotics Competition are awarded certificates and other gifts
The Robotics Competition team takes a group photo with the DVC (ARSA), KyU faculty and their teachers at the Electrical Engineering workshop
Accessories of Sensors and Transducers Microcomputer Sensing and Training System
MTS 86C – 8086 Microcontroller Trainer
Basic Communication System
Electrical Machines Training System
Assorted Motors for Electrical Machines Training System
Lathe Machine used for shaping wood and metal by removing unwanted parts of the work piece to produce the desired products
Horizontal Shaper Machine used in carving metal into desired shape.
Milling Machine for removing material from a work piece by rotating a cutting tool (cutter) and moving it into the work piece
Various equipment at the Electrical & Electronics workshop
Split Air Conditioning Trainer for regulating temperature in closed spaces
Central Air Conditioning Trainer for regulation temperature in indoor environment
Pelton Wheel Turbine used in measuring flow rate, friction and pressure in pipes

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We are distinguished for offering our programmes through practical-based teaching, where students undertake a practical unit every semester and three industrial attachments through the degree course.

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Welcome to the School of Engineering and Technology. Engineering is a core component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), a major driving force in emerging trends of the 21st knowledge–based-economy.


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VISION: To be a leading University in quality training, strategic research, innovation and technology development and transfer. MISSION: To train and develop human resources equipped with innovative skills to inspire enterprise in the disciplines of engineering, science, health and technology, to meet the demands of a dynamic world.

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Feb 9, 2022
Ms. Irene Muchira of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department wins Ph.D Scholarship

The VC KyU and the DVC (ASA) wish to congratulate Ms. Irene Muchira, a tutorial fellow at the...


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